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Our Services

- Free no obligation Consultation

- Construct full upper and full lower Australian made dentures onsite by our highly qualified Dental Technicians

- Construct partial upper and partial lower dentures with and without clasps (wires)

- Construct acrylic, chrome (metal) and flexible dentures

- Denture repairs - reattach denture teeth, replace denture teeth and repair fractures

- Denture relines - (refit) loose dentures

- Professional ultrasonic denture clean and polish

- Add denture teeth to partial dentures to replace extracted natural teeth

- Adjustment of ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures causing sore spots and inability to chew adequately

- Construct Custom mouthguards (available in various colour combinations)

- Accept all private health fund claims and Department of Veterans' Affairs gold card claims

- Able to give denture related private health fund quotes for over 27 health funds through our HICAPS terminal.

- Autoclave sterilisation of all instruments - we follow the Infection Control Guidelines set down by the Dental Board of Australia

- Welcome any denture related questions

- Products for sale - Denture Brushes, Caldent Denture Cleaner, Denture & Mouthguard boxes, Erskine Dental & Oral B Toothbrushes.

Contact us today on 3265 7652

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